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More than the ordinary Merger and Acquisition Advisor, Pope and Associates specializes in selling mid-market companies with assets ranging from  $1 million to $50 million .

Pope and Associates serves entrepreneurs by facilitating the 4 stages of Business Ownership: Evaluating; Entering; Enhancing; and Exiting.

Steven Pope is the principal owner of Pope and Associates. Mr. Pope's areas of expertise include business enhancement, evaluation, organizational development, marketing and systems implementation. He holds national certifications as a Primary Business Consultant PBC, Machinery and Equipment Analyst MEA, and Senior Business Analyst SBA.

In addition to having more than 30 years of business experience, Mr. Pope owned and operated a highly successful service company. His three divisional company stood as a leader in the industry. He also partnered with The Center for Disease Control, major chemical companies, and various state agencies for industry related research projects. Mr. Pope has received more than seven different certifications from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

His professional and community services have include Rotary International, Leukemia Cup Regatta, Free Masonry, Environmental Industry Council, NPCA, CPCA, and CTPA. Mr. Pope is also on the board of directors for the Therapeutic Research Foundation.

Pope and Associates, LLC is an independent affiliate of ABC Advocates Business Consultants, Inc. The combined services of Pope and Associates, LLC and ABC Advocates Business Consultants, Inc., provide a national and international team without equal.

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