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You built a strong business with significant value because you had big dreams and monitored every detail of its growth!  You can now reap greater reward in your exit because you will be informed through monthly reports of progress and expenditures. We do the stay in control!

The most important part of our 'targeted marketing plan' is that it really is a plan.  We know it is best because our mentor wrote it: 52 Steps to Finding Buyers & Sellers of Businesses.  If a Consultant is not certified in this plan he/she will not be trained in all techniques available to secure better offers.


The need for confidentiality makes it difficult for you and your prospects to find each other on your own.


Because of its success, our targeted marketing plan was recently called 'laser marketing' by one of our happy clients. We will contact prospects with the best characteristics for your specific business without waiting for them to find us. After all we've been at it for over three decades.  We know who they are, where they are, and how to find them.   

Most consultants rely only on advertising.  We have over 50 additional proactive marketing steps that will result in prospects not available to competitors.  You know we work hard because you monitor our progress through regular reports.  This superior advocacy costs you no more!

Pope and Associates - The Total Source for Business Ownership Dreams!

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2-hour Business Review

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