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The ingredients for a successful exit of business ownership:

Your business is possibly your most valuable asset and your exit from it should be conducted like the most imporant thing you will ever accomplish!  In over three decades we have observed that most successful transactions contain these four ingredients:

  1. You must take steps to determine that you will receive the highest price.

  2. A high level of comfort must be developed between you and the Primary Business Consultant you choose to coach the team of advisors.  Be sure he/she has a workng knowledge of all marketing procedures and negotiation skills.

  3. If all advisors have a proper alignment of incentives, you can be assured of a fair fee structure that will net much more than you spend.  Fees you pay must be utilized in activities related only to your business!

  4. Strategies must match your dreams.  It is your time for relaxation, travel, quality family experiences, charitable activities, larger goals and enhancing your legacy.

A successful exit doesn't have to be a dream.  Make it a reality with Pope and Associates. 

Pope and Associates - The Total Source for Business Ownership Dreams!

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