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We are your clock-watchers to be sure that everyone on the team performs in a timely manner.  We have previously handled most concerns and our checklists will help everyone perform on time. 

As your advocates, we protect your interests in all initial preparation, marketing, offer, counter-offer, agreement, escrow, documents and coaching the team right across the goal line for you!  There can be as many as thirty events involved.  We only perform responsibilities for which we are certified and will help you secure professionals in each field.  Successful teams play to the end of the game and we will help everyone understand this is your game and all of us have the responsibility to help you be the winner!

It's fun to be a part of the winning team.  The exiting of your business ownership is the crowning event of your career and is to be enjoyed.  Your team will play hard for your, and as your team coach, we will see that your dreams are realized.

Pope and Associates - The Total Source for Business Ownership Dreams!

Complimentary Initial

2-hour Business Review

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