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It takes money to realize dreams and you must secure an independent appraisal to achieve the highest price without leaving money on the table.  Lenders will require one anyway.  It would be tragic to learn later you priced it too low.

Better prospects often come from other states and countries. We live in an era of globalization and are affected by what happens elsewhere.  Don't ignore other economic markets if that information is to your advantage. A believable appraiser must have experience in all types of business with data and credibility to impress your prospects.

To be credible to other parties, your appraiser must be an independent third-party with no other business relations with you.

Your Primary Business Consultant will provide a checklist to help you select the best appraiser.  It doesn't always cost more to get the best.  Our experience and reputation can help you secure superior appraisers at appropriate fees.  It will ultimately cost you more if you don't use the best from the beginning.

Pope and Associates - The Total Source for Business Ownership Dreams!

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