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Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts 

Pope and Associates, LLC

More than the ordinary Merger and Acquisition Advisor, Pope and Associates specializes in selling mid-market companies with assets ranging from  $1 million to $50 million.

Pope and Associates serves entrepreneurs by facilitating the 4 stages of Business Ownership: EvaluatingEnteringEnhancing; and Exiting.

Steven Pope is the principal owner of Pope and Associates. Mr. Pope's areas of expertise include business enhancement, evaluation, organizational development, marketing and systems implementation. He holds national certifications as a Primary Business Consultant PBC, Machinery and Equipment Analyst MEA, and Senior Business Analyst SBA.

In addition to having more than 30 years of business experience, Mr. Pope owned and operated a highly successful service company. His three divisional company stood as a leader in the industry. He also partnered with The Center for Disease Control, major chemical companies, and various state agencies for industry related research projects. Mr. Pope has received more than seven different certifications from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

His professional and community services have include Rotary International, Leukemia Cup Regatta, Free Masonry, Environmental Industry Council, NPCA, CPCA, and CTPA. Mr. Pope is also on the board of directors for the Therapeutic Research Foundation.

Pope and Associates, LLC is an independent affiliate of ABC Advocates Business Consultants, Inc. The combined services of Pope and Associates, LLC and ABC Advocates Business Consultants, Inc., provide a national and international team without equal.

Complimentary Initial 2-hour Business Review



The ingredients for a successful exit of business ownership:

Your business is possibly your most valuable asset and your exit from it should be conducted like the most imporant thing you will ever accomplish!  In over three decades we have observed that most successful transactions contain these four ingredients:

  1. You must take steps to determine that you will receive the highest price.

  2. A high level of comfort must be developed between you and the Primary Business Consultant you choose to coach the team of advisors.  Be sure he/she has a workng knowledge of all marketing procedures and negotiation skills.

  3. If all advisors have a proper alignment of incentives, you can be assured of a fair fee structure that will net much more than you spend.  Fees you pay must be utilized in activities related only to your business!

  4. Strategies must match your dreams.  It is your time for relaxation, travel, quality family experiences, charitable activities, larger goals and enhancing your legacy.

A successful exit doesn't have to be a dream.  Make it a reality with Pope and Associates. 


Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts 


Best Price

We help you understand the value of a business valuation prior to Entering, Enhancing or Exiting business ownership:

It takes money to realize dreams and you must secure an independent appraisal to achieve the highest price without leaving money on the table.  Lenders will require one anyway.  It would be tragic to learn later you priced it too low.

Better prospects often come from other states and countries. We live in an era of globalization and are affected by what happens elsewhere.  Don't ignore other economic markets if that information is to your advantage. A believable appraiser must have experience in all types of business with data and credibility to impress your prospects.

To be credible to other parties, your appraiser must be an independent third-party with no other business relations with you.

Your Primary Business Consultant will provide a checklist to help you select the best appraiser.  It doesn't always cost more to get the best.  Our experience and reputation can help you secure superior appraisers at appropriate fees.  It will ultimately cost you more if you don't use the best from the beginning.

For information concerning a confidential business appraisal or our consultation services.

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Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts 



You built a strong business with significant value because you had big dreams and monitored every detail of its growth!  You can now reap greater reward in your exit because you will be informed through monthly reports of progress and expenditures. We do the stay in control!

The most important part of our 'targeted marketing plan' is that it really is a plan.  We know it is best because our mentor wrote it: 52 Steps to Finding Buyers & Sellers of Businesses.  If a Consultant is not certified in this plan he/she will not be trained in all techniques available to secure better offers.

The need for confidentiality makes it difficult for you and your prospects to find each other on your own.

Because of its success, our targeted marketing plan was recently called 'laser marketing' by one of our happy clients. We will contact prospects with the best characteristics for your specific business without waiting for them to find us. After all we've been at it for over three decades.  We know who they are, where they are, and how to find them.

Most consultants rely only on advertising.  We have over 50 additional proactive marketing steps that will result in prospects not available to competitors.  You know we work hard because you monitor our progress through regular reports.  This superior advocacy costs you no more!

For information concerning a confidential business appraisal or our consultation services.

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Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts 



We are your clock-watchers to be sure that everyone on the team performs in a timely manner.  We have previously handled most concerns and our checklists will help everyone perform on time.

As your advocates, we protect your interests in all initial preparation, marketing, offer, counter-offer, agreement, escrow, documents and coaching the team right across the goal line for you!  There can be as many as thirty events involved.  We only perform responsibilities for which we are certified and will help you secure professionals in each field.  Successful teams play to the end of the game and we will help everyone understand this is your game and all of us have the responsibility to help you be the winner!

It's fun to be a part of the winning team.  The exiting of your business ownership is the crowning event of your career and is to be enjoyed.  Your team will play hard for your, and as your team coach, we will see that your dreams are realized.

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Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts 

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